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Three Ways To Avoid Stupid Mistakes

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Three Ways To Avoid Stupid Mistakes

The worst mistakes that we make are the ones that we know we could have avoided. They are what make us hate ourselves, and feel bad and sorry for ourselves. Foresight and experience, are the only two concepts that we can practice regularly to overcome these.

And yet, neither foresight, nor experience can be learned so easily. They are both, arguably, interrelated. With experience comes foresight, and with foresight comes better experiences. You become a better person – at least in your own eyes.

Naturally, you also become a little more cautious – and with that comes maturity, as long as this caution is calculated and warranted. Being overly cautious for no warranted reason will only make us more regretful in the long run – when we look back, we might find ourselves saying I wish I had bungee jumped, or impulsively asked that girl out.

The calculated risks, warranted by our experiences and foresight can help us immensely. The third pillar of avoiding mistakes is being present. Having our mind right here.

Foresight and experiences can help us to prepare avoid mistakes – but things go wrong as they’re happening as well. Agility is that third pillar. Being right there and knowing what to do as and when things go wrong.

It is a terrible fate to make mistakes that we think we’re bigger than. But you know, it won’t happen again.


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